4 Perks of Choosing Female Characters on Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

Online fantasy games are trendy nowadays, especially during the pandemic when everyone ventures into new activities. Genshin Impact is one of the games that rose to fame and immediately captured the hearts of the gaming community. It has a unique and fresh concept and unforgettable characters. Its game developers worked hard and creatively to release a new game that anyone could play through the challenging times.

Many of us know that guys play online games more than girls do. But in a 2021 count by Statista, the female gamer population increased to 45%. Genshin is a game with remarkable female characters that attract girl gamers to play equally with guys. If you want to know more about these female characters, you can start by reading up on the Jean Genshin Impact build. You can also read this article to encourage all the girl gamers!

1.  The Genshin Female Characters Have Unique Looks

It is brilliant for the game developers to create different unique female characters because it did attract a broader range of gamers, especially girls. And without a doubt, every Genshin girl character is created intricately and different from one another.

Female Characters on Genshin Impact

These girl characters are beautiful in their ways, alongside their various costumes, weapons, and other materials. Since the game was developed in China, each has an element of Chinese culture. So do not miss out on getting to know each of them while playing Genshin.

2.  These Characters Have Strong and Creative Powers

Genshin Impact involves a lot of fantasy adventures, magic, and superpowers. The male characters from this game are indeed robust and powerful. But the girls also have fantastic stuff up their sleeves.

They do not only show beauty and style, but they also show strength and strategy to attack any enemy. Most female Genshin characters execute magical powers inspired by sorcery and usually reflect their different personalities.

3.  The Female Characters Encourage Girls to Play Too

The majority of the gamer population worldwide are still boys. But the gaming community and society in general desire to encourage girls to play fantasy games. Thanks to Genshin Impact, many girls chose gaming as their hobby, entertainment, and even a source of income through live streams.

Genshin Impact Female Characters

Every Genshin female character can also reflect a real-life girl’s personality, so it is one way for the game to encourage women to play too. These characters are just too beautiful and unique not to try during games, so make sure to choose them once in a while. They will surely not disappoint in attacking an enemy or executing their abilities, with your help, of course.

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4.  Playing Genshin Also Promotes Women’s Empowerment

Our society can sometimes set standards on what men and women should do and should not do. Previously, society depicted guys as gamers and girls are just expected to do make-up, fashion, and other “feminine” activities. But thankfully, a lot of people chose to break the stigma, and everyone took a stand against women playing video games.

Society is now more accepting that women can play these games well to compete with male gamers. Thanks to games like Genshin, women are encouraged and empowered to play because the characters are as powerful as their male characters. The beauty of these characters is that any gamer can relate to them and find one that matches their personality.

Some Notable Female Genshin Impact Characters


The powerful Jean is one of the popular Genshin characters, and everyone from Mondstadt admires her tenacity and beauty. She also holds a high position as the Grandmaster of the Knights, showing her excellent leadership skills.

Jean may be of high level, and she remains kind and compassionate towards her fellow men. Healing is one of her strong features, too, a great advantage whenever players are fighting on the battlefield.

Some Jean facts that are relatable to the ordinary human is that she reads romantic novels. She also takes care of a tortoise and adores children a lot.


Amber is one of the top picks for female Genshin characters because of her charming personality and unbelievable powers. She executes different combat styles, which is why her character is the best pick for most Genshin beginners. Amber is from Mondstadt, just like Jean, so Amber also cares about her fellowmen.

Overall, she has a sweet and sensible personality, not to mention the pretty and cool style. Amber has a tenacity that ordinary girls aspire to have. She indeed brings out the confidence in every female Genshin gamer.


Ganyu is one of the new and fit-looking characters because of her only-drink-water policy. That is why she inspires everyone to be more health-conscious. Aside from that, she works twice as hard, even beyond her human capacity. It is to ensure the safety of her land.

Ganyu uses her strategic technique to battle enemies instead of out front attacks, making her calm in most situations. She spent 3,000 years of her life training with extraordinary masters who have gone through many wars. That is why she is such a powerful and elegant character.

If you are a Genshin Impact beginner, you might want to consider her. Because of how easy it is to play around her during games.

Final Thoughts

It is nice to see how online games are accessible to any gamer worldwide, regardless of age, sex, or cultural background. Perhaps one of the strong suits of this game is representation since you can pick characters from different nationalities and select across multiple language options.

These forms of entertainment are a platform for everyone to improve some skills and gain new hobbies. Online games like Genshin Impact are indeed fun, exciting, and entertaining. Make sure to check out the different characters, especially the female ones, because they always have something unique to bring throughout the game.

They might be your next favorite characters to use in-game. Thanks for reading until the end, and if you want to know more about Genshin Impact and other online games, visit CellularNews.com today!