5 Tips to Start Small Scale Manufacturing in 2023 | Updated Guide

Small scale manufacturing startup

SMALL SCALE MANUFACTURING STARTUP TIPS | When people think about manufacturing companies, they often think of large warehouses with dozens of people working with heavy, large, and expensive machinery. However, the truth is, manufacturing is also done on smaller scales amongst thousands of companies that make a variety of products.

They create everything from toys, to jewelry, to furniture, to food, to candles, and everything in between. If you are interested in the space and want to create your own small-scale manufacturing company, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn some helpful tips to get your business up and running.

Always Begin With a Design

The first step that any manufacturing company should take is, to begin with, a design. You cannot create something if you don’t have a plan and design for what you want to build. You should come up with how it’ll look, how large it will be and how it works.

This can be a quick process at times, or it can take months. Of course, make sure to think about whether or not people want your design, as well. If people aren’t going to be interested in your product, it might not be worthwhile to pursue it.

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Get the Right Manufacturing Tools or Make the Right Partnerships

Once you have come up with your product manufacturing or design, you need to ensure you have the right tools in place to create it. This not only involves machinery, but you also need to ensure you or your team is comfortable using it. 

If you’re working with wood, you know the basic machinery you’ll need for cutting, sewing and gluing or nailing things together but what else? Lesser thought of equipment can make the manufacturing process so much faster and safer. A dust collection system to collect all the waste and offcuts produced by the manufacturing process, is helpful as it not only cleans up the mess but ensures the plant doesn’t have to stop to clean or clear away dangers caused by clutter.

On the other hand, you may decide to work with professionals to help with certain steps in the process. Whether you want to participate in laser etching or a variety of other processes, these professionals can ensure things are done quickly, safely, and in a manner that is high-quality.

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Make Safety Your Top Priority while Manufacturing

While you want to manufacture a solid product, your first priority as a company should be the safety of your staff, materials, customers, and clients.

Ensure everyone has the proper protection when using the equipment. Also, be sure that every safety consideration is made, from the beginning of the manufacturing process to the shipping of the finished products.

Even if it takes longer and is more labor-intensive, making sure all aspects of your operation are safe is critical to the long-term success of your manufacturing company.

All it can take is one incident to shut down your business in some cases, so be very careful. Hold regular meetings to ensure everyone is aware of the best safety practices, too.

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Don’t Forget About the Marketing

While you might enjoy the building process, you still need to sell what you are manufacturing. This is where marketing comes into play. Once your products are made, you need to tell the world about their many benefits and/or use cases.

Small scale startup

There are several different ways to market your products, from using digital advertising, to working with influencers, to posting video ads.

These should all be aimed at showing people why they would want to buy the product and how it would help them with their problems. If you forget about the marketing, it won’t matter how good your products are, people simply won’t know about them.

Beware of Scaling Too Quickly

When you get in the swing of things and are finding some success, it can be tempting to continue to make more and more products quickly. This scaling up is natural for all Small scale manufacturing startups and growing businesses, but you need to do it intelligently.

If you scale too fast, you can end up taking on more than you can handle and seeing things like your customer service or quality take a hit as a result.

Thankfully, there are some signs and signals that you may be scaling too quickly, so keep an eye out for them and ensure you aren’t growing too fast for your own good.


Starting a small scale manufacturing business is no easy feat, and it is important to recognize that it will require the use of the most modern technologies, smart and skilful human capital, and adequate capital. 

Through the use of the tips mentioned in this blog post; maintaining an efficient production process, creating a detailed business plan, understanding taxes, preserving documentation and investing in marketing tactics, small businesses can be successful and make an impact in their sector. 

It may take time and effort to get everything up and running but with tenacity, problem solving skills and a positive attitude entrepreneurs can achieve success in supplying products to people. 


Is small scale manufacturing beneficial?

Yes, small scale manufacturing can be highly beneficial. Small-scale manufacturing offers a host of advantages that range from low overhead costs and greater flexibility to an improved ability to customize products for local markets.

Does small scale manufacturing take more time?

Not necessarily. While it may take more time to get a small-scale manufacturing process up and running, the savings in overhead costs and other resources can shorten production cycles once the process is established.