How Elevator Inspection Companies Keep People Safe

Elevator Inspection Companies

You may not often hear much about it, but elevator inspection companies are consistently working to keep people safe! Riding the elevator is a simple part of everyday life.

You may travel in one to get in and out of your apartment building, or you might use one to get up to the right floor of your office building every morning. You will also surely have encountered them in public buildings, such as hospitals and shopping malls.

It may not have occurred to you that sometimes using an elevator can go wrong, although this is quite an unlikely occurrence.

You might find that your elevator stalls between floors or that the doors open at the incorrect time. Although this can be scary, it is not usually the case that this will pose a risk to you.

Elevator Safety

Everybody should be able to trust that they can use an elevator safely. ATIS is among the best elevator inspection companies and serves as a trusted advisor to a wide range of building owners and managers across the US.

All elevators in the US should undergo an annual safety inspection by law. This helps the person responsible for an elevator to know that passengers can ride in it safely.

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This also gives passengers the peace of mind that every journey they take will be a safe one and that they will always reach their destination without an unfortunate incident.

Each elevator should possess a safety certificate, and you can usually find these documents inside the cars themselves. These safety certificates will be issued following an inspection, and you can use them to know when a specific elevator was officially last checked.

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The Inspection Process

During an elevator inspection, the allocated professional will test for a number of different things. An initial check will be carried out to see if the elevator is functioning as it should do.

The inspector will determine if the car is moving between floors in an appropriate way and at the specified time. They will be required to ride the elevator in order to do this properly.

Elevator Maintenance

The car itself will also be inspected for damage or other issues, and the space underneath and above the car will be looked at.

The machine room will also be investigated to ensure no errors or other reasons for concern. The machine room should be clean and tidy and free from technical problems.

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Elevator Maintenance and Safety Records

Building owners or managers are required to keep a log of all elevator-related incidents. During the annual inspection, these records will be looked at. This can help inspectors to determine if any repair work needs to be undertaken.

If any code violations are discovered while checking these maintenance and safety logs, the relevant person will be issued instructions to resolve the issue.

Failure to resolve a problem can become a legal matter, so it is always the case that any work should be undertaken as soon as possible.

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