10 best result oriented digital marketing companies in the USA

digital marketing companies

In these digital times, everybody is looking for top digital marketing companies for promoting their businesses online. Companies in the USA are well-known in the area of digital marketing services. Digital marketing is nowadays a base for settling your business and everyone wants to build this base.

The top digital marketing organizations in the U.S. fulfill all the needs of their clients and they are abreast with the daily tech advances. Working with these companies assures a rise in business status for your company. Here are the top ten digital marketing companies in the U.S.

  1. SmartSites digital marketing company:

It is an award-winning U.S.-based digital marketing company. SmartSites was founded in New Jersey in 2011 and they grew up intending to provide all digital services.

The organization has two branches, one is in the U.S. and the second is in Canada. These two branches together have a strength of approximately 250 employees.

There are digital experts, PPC, and SEO professionals within the employees. They have a wide client base due to their longstanding services.

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  1. Exaalgia LLC:

This is one of the top digital marketing agencies in America. It was established a decade ago for catering to the needs of client organizations.

The main goal for this company is to improve the visibility of different websites in digital channels. This company has two offices in the U.S. with approximately 200 employees.

The LLC or limited liability company provides limited liability asset protection to a business owner or owners. This means that the liabilities of a business are limited to the assets of the business. This resource details how a business can start an LLC.

  1. SmartSites:

This is a dedicated team of digital marketing professionals specializing as funnel experts, designers, copywriters, PPC specialists, coders, and SEO tacticians.

Within two years It has grown from 2 people to a team of 20. SmartSites was set in Europe and it has a goal of becoming one of the largest digital marketing companies in the continent. It also has a U.S. office providing SEO services in New Jersey.

digital marketing companies

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  1. Lounge Lizard digital marketing company:

One of the U.S.-based digital marketing companies, it was set in 1998. Because of its vast experience in the field of digital marketing, this company has a reputation for being able to win client trust.

This company provides high-quality solutions to different client requirements. They are currently working with a staff of around 40 people.

  1. Page Traffic Inc:

This is one of the top-rated digital marketing companies in the U.S. It was founded 11 years ago and has offices in India as well.

They have close to 20 to 50 digital marketing experts working for them. They provide services in the area of internet marketing, social media organization, and backlinking.

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  1. Cyber Infrastructure Inc:

This is another famous digital marketing organization from America. This firm began its services in 2003 and it specializes in converting your business into a brand of repute. The firm has in the excess of 1000 employees working to satisfy client demands.

  1. PreApps:

This extremely popular digital marketing firm from the USA was founded in 2010. It began its foray into online digital marketing immediately.

By using a staff of around 250 people the organization serves a massive number of clients. They are a firm believer in quality and have worked with several clients and satisfied them.

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  1. Web Choice:

This is one of the upcoming digital marketing companies in the U.S. The company was founded to win the hearts of its clients along with their trust.

Due to their stunning digital marketing services this firm has firmly established itself as a part of the top 10 digital marketing firms in America.

  1. Social media 55 digital marketing company:

It is one of the up and coming digital marketing companies of the U.S. It was founded around 5 years ago and has branches in Canada as well. Even though the company does not employ a huge staff, it offers great digital services.

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  1. ReVerb digital marketing Company:

It is one of the top American digital marketing companies that specializes in providing full-stack services. It is a contemporarily build organization and has the desire to provide digital solutions for the enhancement of customer business. It employs around 50 people.


All these U.S.-based digital marketing firms are result-oriented, and they believe in providing top-quality services. It is important to note that you need to learn more about VPNs as well to ensure that you maintain a secure online presence for all these organizations. You can select the most appropriate service from the list and leave other things to them.