How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Thailand and What Are Its Conditions?


Surrogacy is a very important achievement of humankind that helps to combat such a common problem as infertility. It is considered as a relatively new method based on in vitro fertilization, i.e., conception outside the human body and the future transfer of a fertilized egg to another woman’s uterus.

According to experts, the attitude to surrogacy is ambiguous today. At the legislative level, there is a ban on surrogacy programs in France and Germany. In Canada, the surrogacy agreement has no legal force.

The use of surrogacy is legally permitted on a commercial basis in most states of the United States, South Africa, the Russian Federation, Georgia, and Ukraine. In addition, the law allows nonprofit surrogacy in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Israel, and Spain.

However, in countries such as Greece, Ireland, Finland, and Belgium, this institution is not regulated by law. This is due to different standards of worldview in each country.

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The experts on the online agency World Center of Baby, which implements surrogacy in Thailand programs, note that Thailand allows surrogacy, but there are some nuances. Firstly, according to surrogacy laws in Thailand, foreign nationals cannot receive surrogacy services in the country.

Secondly, gestational surrogacy is only allowed for heterosexual married couples. That is, lesbians, gay men, single men or women, etc., cannot participate in the program.

Read below for more details on the features and the cost of surrogacy in Thailand.

Specificity of Surrogacy in Thailand

Surrogacy in Thailand

The main conditions for surrogacy in Thailand include the following:

  • Existence of mutual agreement of persons participating in the perfect surrogacy program. The professionals of the best surrogacy agency in Thailand World Center of Baby indicate that the constitutive feature of surrogacy is the conclusion (before the conception of a child) of a contract on childbearing by a surrogate mother, in order to establish further the parental relationship between the child and the customers who entered into this agreement with the surrogate mother;
  • Opportunity to participate in the program only to persons who have the right to do so. Only a married man and a woman can be on the side of “customers”;
  • The fact of conception by IVF followed by implantation of the embryo;
  • The embryo used to implement the ART method must belong to the spouses. World Center of Baby, which works in partnership with the best surrogate clinic, states that the application of the genetic material of the spouses is one of the main conditions of surrogacy;
  • The key purpose of surrogacy should be to give birth to a child, and only.

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Cost of Surrogacy Services in Thailand

Those who wish to become part of the surrogacy program in Thailand should be aware that the cost of such services is approximately $ 60,000.

This price does not include the surrogate’s monthly expenses for food, medical care, transportation, and any additional types of expenses.

For more precise information, visit the World Center of Baby online agency or its forum. Clients note that cooperation with these specialists is very reliable and effective.