The Best Way to Pick a Custom Socks Company

Custom Socks Company

For whatever reason, your company has opted to have custom socks made — whether you’re giving them away to customers, rewarding employees, or throwing a vast sock party. You’ve made the right choice: custom socks are a great corporate swag item and a wonderful gift for your employees or customers.

Choosing a sock maker involves several considerations, which we’ll go over in this article. However, with these pointers in mind, you may confidently hire a sock maker.

Make a list of your criteria

The next step is selecting a firm to help you create the ideal pair of socks. Because so many companies promise great results, a Google search quickly becomes overwhelming.

Finding the right vendor won’t be difficult if you keep your requirements in mind and ask the right questions. However, choosing the best custom sock company can be difficult, but you have to make a list of your preferences and what you expect from them.

Check if the supplier satisfies your requirements

Personal preference determines custom swag. If vendors can’t meet your basic needs, look elsewhere.

Check if the supplier satisfies your requirements

  • Timing

If you aren’t buying personalized socks today, you probably will soon. Unfortunately, it’s hard to predict when custom sock inspiration will strike. Some cases take 3 to 8 weeks. Check with your vendor about personalized sock timelines.

  • Cost

Socks are needed. You probably don’t have an exact number in mind — you may want to start with a few socks and increase production once satisfied. Choose a custom sock vendor with no minimum order if you want flexibility.

  • Budget

The dreaded topic of money for custom socks can be expensive, so it’s a good idea to set a budget before talking to vendors about their prices for custom socks. A pair of custom dress socks can cost anywhere from $5 to $16. The more socks you order, the lower the per-unit cost becomes. However, all stockings aren’t knitted the same way. Some come in higher quality, while some others in lesser quality depending on the needle count. Get a physical sample of the product before deciding on a price. Socks with a low needle count can are not cost-prohibitive, but they’ll wear out after a few wears and feel cheap. So, it’s better to go for stockings with a higher needle count.

Look for a reputable supplier

A custom sock vendor’s quality cannot be judged solely by the caliber of their sock offerings. Questions are an excellent way to determine whether or not you want to work with someone.

Look for a reputable Custom Socks supplier

The socks are made in a factory.

Almost any company can post the sock company logo of their custom socks online, but learning more about the sock manufacturing process can help you determine if the socks will look good in person. First, consult with suppliers to know whether they use dye sublimation or direct-to-garment (DTG) technology for customizing apparel. 

If you want socks that will keep their design even after being stretched and worn numerous times, check for those created with DTG technology. Another option is to have your pair of custom-knit socks made. Vendors, such as California sock company, offer high-quality knit socks.

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How much effort do you have to put in?

With so much on your plate, you probably don’t have the energy to spend much time on custom socks. For efficiency, ask each potential vendor how long the sock-making procedure will take you, from beginning to end.

For example, what resources can you provide the sock company? Creating a design from scratch is much more complex than just providing a color scheme and the logo or picture you want to put on the socks.

Find the ideal long-term partner

You may have a single custom sock project in mind right now, but finding a vendor you can work with on future projects is worthwhile. 

Ask for the sock company reviews and samples to see what to expect. Don’t buy socks from a company that won’t provide examples or client references; this suggests it doesn’t make high-quality goods or stand behind them.

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Make your choice!

You have many options to choose from. So, for high-quality socks made to last, work with reputable socks companies like  California Sock Company. They have in-house designers that are well trained for producing bespoke socks and aesthetically attractive designs. This would save you some time and energy while assuring you get your most preferred design and socks patterns.

In conclusion

When purchasing custom socks, evaluating the quality and price is essential. We’d all want to get our sock purchases from reputable companies. When looking for a manufacturer, don’t only base your decision solely on price. Turnaround time, shipping capabilities, and so on must be considered when making a decision. If you are still not satisfied or clear on how to choose the best sock company, Post your question in the space provided below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.