From its moment of creation, Bitcoin is a unique currency demonstrated not only the ambition of its digital financial project but also the most important thing is that there will only be 21 million units of this peculiar digital currency.

With the passage of time and the greater adoption that digital currencies have shown, for the most part, BITCOIN has made many users wonder what will happen when there are no coins to extract.

Although it takes a long time for this to happen, it is still a latent unknown in the minds of bitcoiners. For many, this is about 100 years away, but if the world’s economies continue to change, that time frame may be shortened.

What is known about Bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin mining has been considered an essential source of income in terms of financial movements; this is not such an easy task.

Deciphering a set of logarithms that, over time, not only become more complex but their bonuses is more diminutive.

Bitcoin mining

Such is the case that currently, the reward for mining a Bitcoin block can receive a compensation of only 6.25 Bitcoin when at the beginning it had a reference value of 25 BTC, something that shows that over time the resolution of some of these math problems is getting more and more complicated.

According to statistical calculations, almost ninety percent of Bitcoin’s digital currencies were mined in 13 years. Still, that remaining 10 percent may be mined by the year 2140.

Perhaps one of the most likely scenarios is the cancellation of commissions to miners because they are responsible for validating the various operations carried out on the BLOCKCHAIN ​​with Bitcoin.

Currently, it could be considered that the mining process is quite attractive not only for individuals but also for the large mining farms that carry out the most significant number of operations.

As the units available to extract the value of Bitcoin decrease, it will reach new HISTORICAL HIGHS that will lead it to finish consolidating itself as the leading cryptocurrency in the digital market.

After all of Bitcoin is mined, as established by its creator, the miners will become the main elements for validating operations in the blockchain, generating commissions as an incentive method to replace the bonus for creating a cryptographic block.

Nakamoto thought of everything.

This financial scenario is still a long time away, representing an infinite number of events that can change the price of Bitcoin and its general use and adoption as a digital currency.

To date, there are many achievements that Bitcoin has had, which is why when this time comes for all the coins to be extracted, the blockchain platforms will be merged into one of them, Lightning Network, which will allow transactions to be carried out in an integrated way.

When this moment arrives, the miners will only be in charge of validating transactions; it may be that by this time, digital currencies have been established as legal tender and contribute to a less inflationary financial economy.

The primary strategy of cryptocurrencies is the limited number of units they have, which in one way or another means that over time they have more value; what happened with Fiat currencies that are generated excessively and that in many cases causes their weight to decrease.

Users of CRYPTOCURRENCIES on multiple platforms like Biticodes, usually have a possible Bitcoin Fork among the options when running out of Bitcoin since we are used to the infinite generation of coins.

It may happen with other digital currencies that have this feature. Still, in the case of Bitcoin, this is a digital asset that accumulates value.


The important thing about this whole issue is that more and more people are joining this cryptographic project that generates thousands of dollars in profits, even in its difficult moments.

It all boils down to the fact that when Bitcoin was created, the future of this digital currency was already established regardless of the financial scenarios that were generated.

Although institutional regulations and controls are going to begin to emerge, it is nothing that has not been established in the Bitcoin White Paper since it is what is expected of the institutions that have had control of the world’s financial operations for many years.