10 Websites with Free Tools and Resources That You Must Know If You Are a Freelancer

Free Tools and Resources for a freelancer

Many people turn to freelance work due to shifting workplaces, the global pandemic, and unpredictable economies. As a result, the number of individuals working independently is increasing, providing more opportunities for those willing to put in effort and hone their skills. However, for those seeking a more professional approach to web design, a web design agency in SF can offer a range of services and a team of experts to bring their visions to life.

Working on your own could seem like a dream come true. Anyone who can be self-motivated will find working as a freelancer very tempting because they get to enjoy flexible schedules, fresh and fascinating work, and don’t have to report to a corporate office. It does, however, provide certain difficulties. But, just like Creative Fabrica, having the proper tools and resources might make navigating and overcoming these obstacles simpler for you.

This article will walk you through 10 various tools for freelancing and explain how they might simplify your workday.


Canva is a free application that gives you access to templates, graphics, and more. You can also pay for Pro or Enterprise access. It will be a useful tool for you as a freelancer in your daily work.

CANVA for a freelancer

Although Canva is designed to be used by individuals, small teams, or huge companies, Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise offer more features and benefits than Canva Free.

A few of Canva’s top features are as follows:

  1. A high-end stock collection
  2. Sharing and presentation modes built-in
  3. The Canva app for mobile design
  4. certain templates
  5. Facebook Publishing
  6. Design Magic Resize with one click

It is a fantastic tool for independent contractors that work with graphics or want to maintain their brand because of these and other capabilities.


Explore Trello as a novel method of increasing productivity if you haven’t heard of it before. The website can be a great resource for independent contractors and is free to use.

TRELLO for a freelancer

When you first start, you construct a Trello board, cards, and lists. These are updated as your team completes tasks or uploads new content.

It’s simple to keep organized with Trello. You can keep all of your projects in one location. The best part is that you can set up the automation features without knowing how to code because they are all included.

Trello does allow you to incorporate tools into the software, which is advantageous. For example, you can link Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, and many other popular connectors.

For people and teams who want to stay organized, Trello is free. However, the maximum cost of a membership is $17.50 per month, most of which is paid by businesses seeking to link their teams while upholding high security.


The online store Creative Fabrica sells prepared images, fonts, templates, quotes, and other items.

You can get the graphics you require there for both personal and professional use because they have a vast selection to choose from. In addition, for a single low monthly charge, you may also gain access to all of the templates.

It’s a smart idea to produce and market goods under your name on Amazon, Etsy, or a print-on-demand platform like Redbubble.


However, the majority of people run into difficulties when creating their designs. Because of this, Creative Fabrica is useful. It is a resourceful marketplace for graphic designers where you can discover anything from artwork, typefaces, and logos to book covers.

Creative Fabrica presently has more than one million monthly users, increasing daily. Therefore your income will eventually rise.

Well, Creative Fabrica’s Freebies feature is accessible for free. However, you must first sign up for a subscription to use the graphics and fonts for commercial purposes.


PayPal is the solution if you need to be paid, and a direct deposit is not an option. Although numerous online payment methods are available, PayPal has the advantage of having been around for a while.

You can receive a PayPal card to the bank directly from your account or connect your debit card, bank account, or credit card for 1- to 3-day transfers to your credit card or debit card and fast transfers.


You can send money safely online or make purchases using PayPal.

Since PayPal is currently used by more than 377 million individuals worldwide, you may be sure that it fulfills its promises.

Additionally, PayPal may typically be combined with other eCommerce solutions on Etsy, eBay, Shopify, or other platforms for simple money transfers.

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Grammarly is quite useful whether you’re just composing emails or you need to write content. You can use Grammarly software to aid you with grammatical correction in-browser, on Windows or Mac, or in other ways.

We adore Grammarly’s feature is the ability to customise your requirements. For example, do you desire serial commas?

There is a method to ask for that. It would be best if you communicated in British English. To do so, you can change the settings.


Because it lets you track your spending and earnings, Mint is a great tool for independent contractors. In addition, by connecting Mint to your business banking account, you can keep track of every transaction for tax purposes (as well as your records).

The wonderful thing about Mint is that it automatically tracks and categorises your income and expenses, freeing you from manually entering that information into a spreadsheet or another programme and allowing you to concentrate on earning money or managing expenses.


Creating an email list is a terrific strategy to attract new customers and keep your current customers aware of your business. You can send a newsletter to your list that includes updates on your work or relevant topics that establish you as an authority in the field. For individuals who don’t want to work with HTML coding, Mailchimp is an option. Additionally, multiple tiers of plans are available for the service, including one that is free for users with subscriber lists under 2,000; following the number of subscribers, the paid plans advance.


With Bonsai, you can manage projects, make proposals, send bills, keep track of spending and time, and much more.

When you are a freelancer working for numerous clients, things may become quite stressful very quickly. It might be challenging to manage various tasks, monitor progress, and create invoices when you need to utilise multiple tools for each job.

Bonsai is a cutting-edge solution that addresses this issue by giving you access to a single dashboard where you can handle all activities simultaneously.


Drip marketing is an automatic sequence of campaign flows delivered via voice, push, SMS, and email, depending on timeframes or the user’s response. The prospect-nurturing process is automated to move them through the sales funnel and complete the conversion. Drip marketing ensures precise flow while automating routine communication like welcome emails to new subscribers, thank you emails, and sets of emails for getting back the fallen-off leads, etc.


Writing in the past tense is getting old. The Hemingway App helps you write better by making your sentences bold and explicit.

The program primarily looks for convoluted or longer-than-necessary sentences before offering advice on how to condense and clarify them.

Fortunately, there is a free version of the app, so you don’t have to buy it immediately if you’re not sure you’ll enjoy it.

The desktop Hemingway Editor costs $19.99 if you prefer a desktop software edition.


The correct tools are essential to the success of your freelance business. You can focus on producing the work you love while minimizing inconveniences with tools to promote your business, contact clients and link with their current CRMs, and manage invoices and bookkeeping. So, scaling your freelancing business is much simpler with the greatest tools for freelancers at your fingertips. Spend time setting up and learning about the most appropriate solutions for what you do to be effective—then watch your income increase!