4 Convenient Ways to Learn About Organic Marketing

Organic Marketing

If you’re looking to scale your business, you’re probably invested in taking your marketing skills to the next level. There are many books, videos, and blogs out there on the topic, but not everyone has time in the day to sit down and read or watch content on marketing.

In this piece we are going to take a look at how you can learn more about organic marketing, at your convenience. This way you can multitask and get all the work done that you need to in the day, while still being able to advance your skillset.

Follow along to learn a few of the very best ways to conveniently learn about organic marketing!

Listen to Marketing Podcasts

Whether you’re commuting to the office, working from home, or in the gym, nothing is more convenient than listening to a podcast. Luckily these days, there are podcasts about just about every single topic under the sun, and organic marketing is no different.

Listen to Marketing Podcasts

Podcasts like the Kevin Miller Podcast will teach you some of the best ways you can reach your audience all at your own convenience. Kevin Miller is a marketing expert who worked with Google until becoming one of the founding members of the fastest growing SEO content marketing firm in Gr0.

With topics like driving traffic to your ecommerce store through SEO to building your business through organic methods in time of crises are covered and you’ll be sure to find something helpful for you there.

Podcasts are the new best way to consume content easily and they are packed with great information for any good entrepreneur. We highly suggest subscribing to one today so you can regularly keep up with everything that’s going on in the world of marketing.

Schedule A Consultation

Consultations are another great way to custom tailor the info you’re looking to learn at your convenience. Learning from an expert in the field can be worth its weight in gold, and you’ll be able to fine tune the content of your session to fit your business or service.

Schedule A Consultation for Organic Marketing

Kevin Miller offers one on one mentoring sessions that can be easily scheduled online. You’ll be asked to fill out a short form to give him details of your business and what you’re looking to do and then set the time and date for your call.

In this session you’ll be able to pick his brain and figure out exactly what your company needs to do to scale its marketing efforts organically. He thrives in helping out startups and advocated for small business, so you’re in great hands.

Take a Course on Writing Good SEO

Organic marketing is rooted in educational and entertaining content. Through key words that rank highly in search engines, when potential customers search a topic they are interested in, a highly ranked blog or article will pop to the top of the page.

Course on Writing Good SEO

The idea is, that this blog or article will direct the customer to your page, and from there you’ll organically generate sales or leads.

If you’re not sure you’ve got the writing skills, you can invest in a short course to get you up to speed. Many of these can be conducted online at your own convenience and will go over everything from formatting to adding great keywords with links to drive traffic.

You can work on it in the evening or even during working hours if it fits your schedule. These courses are worth their weight in gold when it comes to drumming up business through written organic marketing pieces.

Use Social Media Groups to Network

Let’s face it, we spend more time on social media than anything else already right? This one is probably one of the more convenient ways, and there are many pages out there on different social media channels that you can network with other professionals and get insight into what is working for them.

Using LinkedIn or Facebook to network is a really good way to learn new things and the content on these feeds is updated almost minutely. You’ll find blogs, videos, posts, and groups that are dedicated to building out your marketing plan organically throughout each of these.

Follow some of the bigger players in the marketing game, and you get a wealth of knowledge just by scrolling through your timeline. It’s one of the resources that entrepreneurs have at their fingertips these days.

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It doesn’t have to be a hassle to learn new things about organically marketing your business or service. The few things we’ve outlined above can give you a wealth of knowledge that will help you take your business to the next level, all while fitting into your own busy schedule each. Try them and find out, you’ll be happy that you did!