Top 10 Best Cleaner App for Android

best cleaner app for android

The daily routine of your Android phone does not need to be cleaned. However, when you load your phone, it takes a specific amount of time to clean your entire phone. The purpose of this article is to discuss the best cleaner app for android that increases your battery timing, enhances your device performance, and can delete junk files by itself.

In my experience, cleaner apps remove cached files that are loaded onto your phone and remove junk images and files that are useless for the phone.

Here we are talking about the removal of junk files, which are not impossible to remove but are difficult to do in modern technology and take some time on Android and tablet devices. Additionally, we discussed the best cleaning app for Android tablets that is very helpful when playing baby games.

Nevertheless, you may want to check which app is best to clean your phone or tablet. Additionally, there is the need to make your phone faster as well as run your phone clean. Here, you can read all our articles about the best Android apps for 2021.

List of 10 Best cleaner app for android:

  • Phone Clean
  • 1Tap Cleaner
  • SD Maid
  • Norton Clean
  • CCleaner
  • All-In-One Toolbox
  • Files by Google
  • AVG Cleaner
  • Booster & Cleaner
  • Droid Optimizer

Phone Clean:

Clean your phone with a phone cleaner. We think it’s the best memory cleaner we’ve used so far. Owners of this app claim that it is a more coherent app than other junk removal apps. This app not only clears background processes, but it comes with antivirus for continuous protection.

best cleaner app for android

The Smart Phone Cleaner app comes with a battery saver for reducing power consumption as well as a memory enhancer for gamers that removes background processes.

Cleaning software comes with an app manager and file manager that lets you manipulate your file system, remove apps, and backups. Additionally, it has a feature that removes all similar images from your device based on their similarity.


  • Notification Remover
  • CPU cooler
  • Hide all personal items
  • Captures wifi signal as well
  • Best app management.

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1Tap Cleaner:

Apps that are compatible with all devices are among the best. It may be worth your time if you are eager to eliminate junk files on your phone and optimize them.

OneTap Cleaner has been chosen by our users as the best app for removing all junk files and optimizing their smartphones with only a single tap.

1Tap Cleaner app

Your phone’s cache should be cleared by the auto cleaner button. You can also find other features that may help you clean your phone’s call log and text messages, and a way to see what the default apps are for file types, so you can reset those settings. Besides cleaning, there are several other useful features this product has that set it apart from its competitors.


  • Remove adds
  • Delete all junk files with Call history
  • Manage apps and schedule scan
  • Personalized Notification

SD Maid:

                      A storage assistant that works like a servant for your mobile device, SD MAID is the best app for your device. Your smartphone is thoroughly cleaned and junk files are removed without any delay and you are able to remove all files efficiently.

SD Maid

You will be very happy after using this app if you wish to run your phone for a long time. This wonderful program detects and removes leftovers from uninstalled applications with its CorpseFinder.

Our tests showed that this method cleared 40MB of Spotify’s database. Scheduler and a few other features are only available to SD Maid Pro users.  The same is true of AppCleaner for your apps.

This feature is only available on SD Maid Pro. The software’s duplicate file finder, task scheduler, and App Cleaner let you find and erase app caches, as well as detect and delete duplicate files.


  • Delete duplicate files
  • Crash reports and system logs
  • Manage Apps and Remove Residual
  • Easy to filter all apps and Powerful functions
  • You can also preview your storage

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Norton Clean:

After searching for a long time we have come best apps for you with the best feature feasible operations and accessible tools. Norton is famous in the antivirus domain. It’s the best cleaner app for mobile developers which removes all junk removal.

Norton Clean app

furthermore, they remove get rid of remove files, optimize your phone and make it clear. Norton alerts you when you use untrustworthy WiFi networks. Besides this feature, it offers several others.

Here we discuss some features of the Norton app which will be very helpful for you.

This app alerts you to different data hacks and protects your phone from different security problems. In addition to offering notifications when you connect to untrustworthy WiFi networks, Norton Clean offers several additional protective features.

This app blocks unwanted calls and files quickly.  In addition to detecting harmful apps, you can uninstall them with this app as well. Sometimes we face difficulty to transfer data from sd card to storage. This app will solve your problem.


  • Quick execution
  • Easy detection
  • Easy to use
  • You can transfer data SD card to storage easily
  • Block unwanted calls and remove junk files


Here we come the cc cleaner app which is not only for android but very effective for   Mac and PC. This app is very helpful to clean all junk files and cache and clean your phone’s RAM and reclaim more space. There is no better free cleaner for Android.

Using this best phone booster, you can regain lost phone space. Thousands of applications can be uninstalled simultaneously with this tool. Your smartphone’s storage usage can be understood with Storage Analyzer.

By using it, you can find out how much CPU an app is using, how much RAM it is using, and how hot the device is. Let’s take a closer look at these features.

You can easily remove blur, duplicate, unwanted images from cc cleaner, on other hand, this app is very helpful to analyze your data.

This app also cools down your CPU temperature as they can bear,  Additionally, you can use CCleaner to remove any residual or outdated files from your phone’s storage.

With the app, you can find out how much RAM an app consumes and how it impacts your device.


  • Quick install Regular updates
  • Suited for intermediate
  • Safe to use App
  • Removal duplicate images
  • Data analysis

All-In-One Toolbox:

We introduce another great app that removes all junk and increases the performance of your smartphone. This app is compatible with all screen sizes. L-in-one app enhances the performance of your mobile device.

One of the most amazing features of this app is that it protects your SD card and compresses all your photos and videos. Further, it enables you to remove unnecessary apps from your phone and create more storage space.

It includes over 30 tools to increase your phone’s efficiency. You can uninstall apps even if you don’t have root access. Your Android device can be cleaned of temporary files, your cache is wiped, and empty folders and orphaned files are removed. Once your device has been analyzed, it simply needs to be deleted by tapping another time.

Here are some features we discussed below:

  • This is a magic toolbox which is 30 over different tools managed in device storage
  • There are a lot of plugins used which we can easily increase mobile speed.
  • Your smartphone comes with a File Manager and an App Manager for organizing your installed apps.
  • This app has a CPU cooler that performs as advertised. Reduces your device’s temperature.


  • Multiple plugins used
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Increase mobile speed
  • Compressed all images

Files by Google:

A good Android manager is Google Files, which is a free app for Android and Tablet. This app ranks among the best cleaner apps, so you will be wondering why we included it in the list.

Users can also remove junk files and optimize their storage space through the program, as well as use it as a file manager. There is no doubt that this is a good file cleaner app.

Among these are junk files, duplicate photos, backed-up files, and uninstalled applications. If you want to remove certain items, select what takes up the most space, and then confirm your decision to let the app handle the rest.

Even though a majority of these apps provide useful cleaning tools, they also bombard you with RAM optimizers and other useless tools.

Furthermore, we try to understand these features  in this Best cleaner app for android:

  • You can easily share files from another device. You can keep a backup of important files.
  • You can improve the performance of your device and it also helps to play audio and videos files.
  • You can even access your account since it offers easy access to your storage.


  • Easy to use for beginners
  • File link sharing
  • Boost your speed and good interface
  • The best app for this feature is google security.

AVG Cleaner:

This app helps to clean all junk files and cache on Android devices. In addition to managing your apps, he can also increase your file memory in order to clean up your photos and remove duplicates.

By using this app, you can improve the battery life of your device and get rid of the junk that may be causing it to drain. You can boost your device’s performance by killing background apps within the app.

You can also remove unwanted images and find junk files with this app. Detects all other apps that slow down your mobile speed after detection. This is the best feature of this app.

You can see how the app is draining your phone’s battery and how you are using the app by looking at the app analytics. Overall, it’s a great phone cleaner app, but there are some ads to deal with.

Listed below are a few other highlights.

  • Del all other unwanted and duplicate images. Boost your speed of android mobiles.
  • The app categorizes your apps into frequently used and rarely used ones to help you eliminate unnecessary apps.
  • Your device will perform better and save storage space if you use AVG Cleaner.
  • Using it, you can even clean your phone’s big media files automatically.


  • Customizable interface
  • Battery Optimization
  • skills Quick
  • Easy to use
  • Compact all images of size
  • Boost your speed

Booster & Cleaner:

Several of the features of AVG cleaner are included with this app, such as a photo analyzer and hibernation functionality. In spite of that, there are some unique features, such as cloud storage and a safe cleaning option.

The antivirus app from Avast offers a cleaner app as well as top-notch antivirus protection. When you are a paid user, you’ll have access to the photo optimizer, which will help you reduce the images’ size.


  • You can also adjust the size and quality of photos from your smartphone’s gallery using this app’s advanced photo optimizer tool.
  • Their premium version Blocks ad.


  • Easy to use
  • smartphone
  • Fixing all errors
  • Increase battery of the mobile
  • Automatic execution

Droid Optimizer:

Your Android device will remain clean and hygienic with Android Optimizer. Although the UI may appear outdated, this app does an excellent job of cleaning the Android OS. It has over one million downloads. You can also choose a darker theme.

The app has the advantage of letting you check permissions given to apps that may have sensitive information. Also, the app is ad-free. By ending background processes with one tap, you can clean your Android. The app is also set up to automatically clean your device.


  • Great Features
  • Completely process
  • Multiple Plugin
  • Boost your performance

Final Words:

As a result, we suggest that you should use the best cleaner app for android from the discussed apps in this post. Finally, join our newsletter to stay up to date with global tech happenings. Clearing app cache shouldn’t take up most of your time, either.

In any case, an Android cleaner could help if you notice something wrong with your device. You can see that manual cleaning the Android phone is cumbersome as you have seen above. You can automate the cleaning process by simply using it. . Next, you may want to try manual cleaning.

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