About 13 years have passed since the first Bitcoin Mining operation originated, where 10 thousand Bitcoin was processed for a couple of pizzas.

Today no one would perform this operation; Bitcoin users have begun to understand the value that cryptocurrencies have and where their importance lies.

Currently, there are many operations that we can carry out through the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, something that many years ago seemed impossible; today, you can acquire from real estate to vehicles and shares.

Just as the use and management have increased, job opportunities have also increased worldwide. The primary contracting sector is that of cryptocurrencies.

What are crypto jobs looking for?

Although cryptocurrencies have not been legalized and are under the constant pressure of supervision and control by all external agents, this has not represented a limitation for companies wishing to hire qualified personnel in the cryptographic environment.

The generation of even remote job offers concerning cryptocurrencies has increased significantly and steadily. It has been observed from 2019 to date by almost 1000% in a total average of these nearly 4 years.

The biggest boom in crypto jobs arose when the Chinese Power suspended all kinds of operations with cryptocurrencies in the territory of said Asian country. As a result, many people were left unemployed since small and medium-sized companies that worked based on cryptocurrencies had to disappear.

A large number of large corporations worldwide are constantly looking for qualified personnel who, even without experience, can dominate in the crypto environment.

crypto jobs

Among some of the most important, we find Coinbase, PayPal, Kraken, Amazon, LinkedIn, and even traditional financial entities such as JPMorgan and Chase & Co.,

Many companies are joining this new means of technological production, where the main areas are Information Technology and Finance.

Job offers are increasing, and companies are diversifying their jobs to adapt to digitization. No one can stop because you simply adapt or are out of the market.

Technological advances and the appearance of cryptocurrencies have allowed the creation of a digital financial market. Still, they have also encouraged companies to create new job profiles where specialization in digital assets is the base.

The fact that decentralized finance offers opportunities to all people without the need for high capital, even obtaining loans through cryptocurrencies to enter the crypto market, is shaking the world economy.

The benefits of this type of job are the opportunities for many professionals in the administrative and IT area and the economic remuneration is quite considerable and constitutes one of the main attractions, without neglecting the fact that they can be carried out remotely.

Some of the keywords in internet search engines for this type of job offer are BITCOIN, Ethereum, Blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. The United States is the country that leads this type of hiring.

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What do you apply for these jobs?

As a result of the large number of companies joining the wave of crypto jobs, doubts arise regarding the requirements or characteristics that the profiles of these jobs should have.

Most job advertisements are apparent since they prefer to be concise to rule out all that human talent that does not meet the requirements.

Experience is not necessary; let’s remember that blockchain and cryptocurrencies is a field that is constantly changing and is relatively new.

Most companies look for profiles in which finance and cyber security are essential since the salaries offered for this type of position are high enough for the responsibility of the work.

Among the relevant aspects evaluated at the time of an interview for this type of job are personal qualities such as humility, passion, and curiosity.

Some of the most sought-after professions are Software Engineers, Quantitative Analysts, and Backend Developers, among many more.

The salaries offered for this type of job are calculated between 80 and 90 thousand dollars a year.


The technological update is essential for all professionals in a constant job search, which is why experience is worth new knowledge.

Remote jobs are also being considered an essential option for many people, and that is where cryptography and Blockchain open their doors to prepare more professionals who understand this new financial environment.