Risk and opportunities of investing in Bitcoin

investing in Bitcoin

In 2008, an anonymous programmer named Satoshi Nakamoto published a long document outlining a new decentralized currency, called Bitcoin. It’s the first successful cryptocurrency and a payment system that brought the wave of digital currencies into the world. The term ‘cryptocurrency’ refers to a set of digital assets in which people can make secure transactions. Moreover, cryptography, a scientific strategy to decode and encode data further verifies all transactions made with investing in Ethereum for enhanced transparency.

In many ways, bitcoins operate in manners that are quite opposite to traditional finance and money. Unlike traditional money, banks don’t issue or control bitcoins, and have a limited supply and changing price range. Although it may seem quite tempting, bitcoins come with several challenges too, and investing in them is often quite risky. Thus, these are some of the risks and opportunities regarding bitcoin investment you should know about.

Opportunities for Bitcoin investment

Opportunities for Bitcoin investment

Mining of bitcoins:

Without proper Bitcoin mining, no bitcoin can ever come to the trade market for its circulation. It is a process in which professional miners have to have to solve complicated cryptographic equations to mine out the digital currencies. However, they cannot do it from their homes anymore and have to visit a proper mining hub for attaining satisfactory results as the entire process utilizes a lot of energy and electricity.

Bitcoin trading:

Apart from mining, bitcoin trading is another way you can invest in the currency by trading them virtually. You can effectively purchase and sell bitcoins safely from the plethora of crypto-exchange options available online. In that context, you need to select a reliable cryptocurrency exchange and link the same with your bank accounts.

Following that you need to use the money from your bank account to buy the coins through a crypto exchange. After purchasing the currencies one can send the money to their digital wallet and hold them till its value increases.

Making a face-to-face purchase:

People looking for ways to get faster purchasing options for bitcoin might go for the option of face-to-face purchase. However, it’s a risky approach as you need a substantial amount of cash to buy bitcoins through such an approach. Thus, taking effective precautions is extremely necessary while making face-to-face transactions with a stranger to sell your bitcoins.

Now let’s have a look at some of the risks that bitcoin investment entails: –

Risks present in bitcoin investment 

Volatile nature:

Being such a new currency and industry, the price of Bitcoin is extremely volatile. Wild swings in the price of Bitcoin can happen within a day or even within a few minutes. However, bitcoin’s “fundamentals” are still developing and it is still not a fully functioning currency.

Not resilient against changing environment: 

Oftentimes relevant arguments take place against the resilience of bitcoin investment. Especially, the pandemic has made the discussion more intense since investors think of it as a hedge against fiat currency. Additionally, people think that the failure of bitcoin makes it a disruption against the entire financial structure, and national banks too.

The unprecedented emergence of the pandemic is responsible for making these situations even more plausible. In case the traditional financial system ever collapses, the government will hold tangible assets like gold rather than bitcoins. Furthermore, if intense technological disruptions ever occur then people will fail to access their bitcoins without any internet.

Not considered as money:

Bitcoin is a tradeable asset till now and has no backing whatsoever. No authorities or regulatory entities maintain the value of bitcoins.

Peer-to-peer transaction risks:

People can also exchange Digital currencies on several online marketplaces. These exchanges take place through third-party service providers and peer-to-peer transaction practices. In that regard, many markets only serve to connect counterparties and do not offer any clearing or intermediate services.

All risks such as double-selling in this situation still lie with the parties who are dealing with each other directly. Therefore, those who don’t have sufficient knowledge regarding the given process may face significant risks while investing in such currencies.

These above-mentioned points should give you a clear idea regarding the risk and opportunities prevalent in bitcoin investment. You shall now make your own decisions carefully and by doing thorough research before investing in any digital currency.

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