3 Small Business Ideas for Tech-Savvy Entrepreneurs

Small Business Ideas for Tech-Savvy Entrepreneurs

In 2022, the world of work is changing dramatically. The recent covid-19 pandemic resulted in millions of people adapting to a “new normal” of working remotely or adopting hybrid models of work. Today, these models still exist for many employees who see them as an excellent way to gain greater control over their work-life balance.

In addition, more people are seeking to work for themselves and gain complete freedom over how they approach generating income. This is especially true for the emerging generations who seek financial freedom away from traditional models of working. Today’s entrepreneurs tend to be increasingly tech-savvy and have a wide range of skills that can be leveraged into creating viable businesses.

This article explains three distinct small business ideas for tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

Create or Trade in NFTs

Non-fungible tokens were created in 2007 by Brandon Eich, who was the co-founder of Mozilla and the creator of JavaScript. NFTs are digital items that are completely unique and can therefore be bought or sold on various trading platforms. They can encompass works of digital art and digital assets such as Ethereum, and when traded, can be highly volatile.

Create or Trade in NFTs

These digital assets can represent a prime investment opportunity for tech-savvy traders as their value can rise dramatically in a period of hours, unlike conventional stocks and shares that tend to be far less volatile. Entrepreneurs with a high knowledge of NFTs can also create their own forms of this product (such as by creating digital art NFTs that can be traded).

It is worth looking at sites such as okx.com to get an idea of the vast range of NFTs that are tradeable in 2022 and look to create your own—or trade in those that are likely to experience growth. If you are in the category of the 70.8% of Americans who want to work on a self-employed basis this could be a great move for you.

SEO Consultancy

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a highly lucrative field for tech-savvy entrepreneurs to consider moving into. This is because there are a wide range of skills that are needed to optimize a website so that it ranks highly on organic searches. Many businesses simply do not have the skills and knowledge needed to fully implement SEO best practices on their websites. Advanced coding skills may be needed to ensure that pages run effectively across a range of devices and page loading times remain fast.

SEO Consultancy

In addition, the design of a website and the content contained within each page needs to obey SEO best practices. If you have a thorough working knowledge of a range of SEO techniques, it can be a highly lucrative idea to provide consultancy services for companies who need to optimize their sites.

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App design

Today, many young entrepreneurs have a solid background in computer coding. For some people, this may have grown from an interesting hobby into a passion for coding. As more schools teach coding as part of their IT curriculum it is likely that the generations entering the job market in the next few decades will have advanced coding skills.

Using these skills to create apps that can satisfy a certain consumer need or market can be an effective way to start a small business without needing a significant financial investment. All that is needed is the coding skills of the entrepreneur, along with time and dedication. The key is to find a gap in the current market for an app or design one that is significantly more usable than those currently offered.