Millennial suite | How Ukrainian brand of everyday suits for women by Sleeper conquers the world

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The world fashion industry is once again looking towards Ukraine in search of recommendations, writes the Business of Fashion edition. Indeed, things of Ukrainian brands can often be seen on Instagram celebrities and showrooms in different countries. Sleeper, a Ukrainian brand, was not only the first to be featured in the London luxury department store Harrods. Once, its co-founders were included on Forbes’ “30 under 30” list.

Things sewed in Podil in Kyiv are offered at the same price as those from well-known premium brands. The pricing range for Podil-made clothing is demi-luxury.

In 2014, two friends, Ukrainian Kate Zubarieva and Russian Asya Varetsa decided to establish a fashion brand with the slogan “from bed to work.”

During this time, the world media from Vogue to The Guardian focused on the result and Sleeper clothing is worn by Rita Ora, model Emily Ratajkowski, host Busy Phillips, and actress Dakota Fanning.

Kate Zubarieva, who worked in the glossy edition of Pink, had a dream that inspired her to design such outfits. Kate convinced Asya Varetsa to join this project two weeks later.

This is how the Sleeper brand’s history began.

Asya also got into the tailoring business from the media – she worked for Elle Russia magazine. The experience in gloss helped the girls to promote. The start-up capital for this new business was $ 2,000.

The comfort of the house seems like a subculture to the founders of the label.

First success and fame

The first success came from Instagram and a contest among all the contenders marked with a special hashtag. The competition was inspired by Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani.

Senora Sozzani chose the brand of the month. Sleeper also marked their account, and later Kate received more than 20 letters from different European countries to her work mail. She thought it was a DDOS attack on the site.

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The brand, which was only two months old at the time, did not lose this campaign – the girls quickly sent out a newsletter to the Italian media. Since Franca’s opinion is important to the Italian public, Sleeper got a publication in Italian Vogue.

Sleeper’s fame, like that of other successful startup labels, is owed in part to the assistance of influencers. On their Instagram profiles, everyone from Pandora Sykes to Emily Ratajkowski, Leandra Medine, Emily Weiss, and Veronika Heilbrunner have voiced their support for the comfy and wonderfully fashionable suits for women by Sleeper.

Their success has been largely affected by the backing of prominent individuals. The initial Sleeper holiday party suit collection was a big success, and the firm and its expanding workforce quickly moved to a larger location – and now sells its goods internationally online and in luxury department shops such as Harrods and Barneys.

Holiday outfits for women and the process of creation

The production of Sleeper Holiday outfits for women has always been about tailoring in the quantity needed, as opposed to the excessive customization used by almost all well-known companies. There is no such thing as more or less here.

All items are made in the brand’s sewing workshops and every item is scrutinized by quality controllers. As a consequence, every item that comes out of the Sleeper workshop is real craftwork, and its quality will surprise even the most critical reviewer.

Sleeper’s idea is to feel comfortable everywhere. Why don’t we all wear clothes that make us feel super comfortable? The Sleeper brand helps us to solve this problem.

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Connections with popular companies

Kate says that the agreement with Harrods is a milestone for the company. Zubarieva is convinced that being represented at Harrods is like getting an award.

The founders also strive to praise the team around them – it is made up of “professionals of all ages”. The office shares the building with the factory so that the quality of production can be checked immediately.

At first, Kate and Asya’s idea was to create affordable pajamas costing about $ 80. At the very beginning of the brand’s existence, the friends met with representatives of the few shops with luxury productions, but after time they became much more popular around the world and these shops seem so small in comparison with today’s partners.

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The cost of pajamas starts at a pretty affordable price, and most of the buyers live outside of Ukraine. Kate liked the idea that they have become a demi-luxury brand for millennials.

The Sleeper brand is defined by its comfort, durability, adaptability, and seasonal design. You can easily see for yourself by visiting their website at this link:

Now Zubarieva runs the company as a manager, and Varetsa communicates with buyers, negotiates, and is responsible for the visual component.

The sleeper has enormous aspirations for growth. Today’s label’s founders have a tremendous dream: to create a massive factory with a training center, where they can share the knowledge and educate future generations of seamstresses, embroiderers, engineers, and technicians to develop first-class apparel.

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