The Benefits of Buying Loose Diamonds in Dallas

Loose Diamonds in Dallas

Loose diamonds can be a good choice if you want an affordable diamond and high quality as well. Loose diamonds are the ones that are not attached to any metal, they have been polished and cut but they are sold as loose diamonds. If you are planning to have your jewelry customized then loose diamonds are a perfect choice. Loose diamonds in Dallas are often offered by wholesale diamond dealers which means you can get them at a lower price compared to buying them in retail stores. 

Why Choose Loose Diamonds in Dallas?

Choosing can give you benefits if you choose them over other types of diamonds and here are some of the benefits you can get:

You can get a high-quality Diamond

Loose diamonds in wholesale diamond stores can be 50% to 6-% cheaper than that from the retail stores. So with your budget, you can get higher quality diamonds if you opt to buy them in the wholesale diamond store.

Plus the evaluation of loose diamonds is more transparent since every corner can be checked during the evaluation since they are not yet attached to any metal. All corners are visible, so getting a higher value diamond can be possible with loose diamonds.

Perfect for Customized Jewelry

Customized jewelry is the best gift for yourself or someone dear to you. Loose diamonds are perfect to use for customized jewelry since you can choose all the details from the shape of the diamond, to the settings and the metals where your jewelry will be mounted. Most people prefer their jewelry to be personalized and this is possible with loose diamonds since they can easily be customized and create jewelry that is patterned according to the preference of the buyer. 

More Affordable

Loose diamonds when bought from wholesale stores can be far more affordable compared to when bought from retail stores. So be a wise buyer and find the best wholesale diamond dealer in Dallas. Take advantage of the opportunity given to individuals to buy from wholesale affordable diamonds stores even if you want to purchase one diamond. Why spend more if you can find a store that can offer you an affordable price?

More variety of Diamonds

Since wholesale stores have more clients they have more kinds of diamonds too. You can choose from a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and other features. You will surely find the one you are looking for with the wide variety that they have. This is advantageous to buyers since they can just concentrate on one store instead of hopping from one store to another. 

The Different Types of Cuts available for Loose Diamo

Round Diamonds 

This is the most in-demand shape for diamonds which makes them pricey. Rounds are the best options since they fit in any kind of jewelry and they make the most sparkle among the shapes of the diamonds. 

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Marquise Diamonds

They are also called the football diamond shapes since they are elongated with a pointed end. They are perfect for pendants since they appear elegant on the neck. Marquise cut can look bigger due to its elongated shape and when it comes to its brilliance it is also a good shape to show how diamonds sparkle. 

Radiant Diamonds 

These diamonds have bevelled corners and have a large table and have many facets which make them sparkle the most. You can opt for a rectangular or square cut for your radiant diamond. 

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Emerald Cut Diamond

These are simply diamonds cut into the shape of emeralds which are rectangles in shape with step-cut corners. This cut is perfect for those who want vintage designs since the design matches the old-fashioned jewellery. 

These are the benefits of buying loose diamonds in Dallas. This information can help you decide what diamond to buy and why a loose diamond is the best choice. Before buying diamonds make sure to know the shape, carat, cut, colour, and clarity you desire.

In that way, it’ll be easier for you to pick from the wide variety of diamonds you will see. Being prepared will be better and you can save time and money as well. So be a wise buyer and know the specifications of the loose diamonds you want to buy.