Make Your Customers Fall in Love with Your E-Commerce Brand

E-Commerce Brand

So you’re thinking about building a brand? It’s not easy to get people to fall in love with your brand and choose you over a competitor. But what if it could be?

Understanding a Successful E-Commerce Brand

Great branding is all about answering three questions:

  • What are you offering?
  • Why should anyone choose you over someone else?
  • Why do you exist?

Before we fire up the existential dread, in this case, you are your brand. A successful brand is conscious about how it seeks to improve its target market’s lives. It is passionate about what it does, and it is secure in the relevance of the products it offers.

These three questions are known as the Golden Circle Method, and Simon Sinek uses them to explain how industry leaders inspire and motivate and can also be used in brand development to build a brand people will trust. That’s what you want to develop – trust.

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Google Docs is synonymous with productivity and working smarter, not harder. Nike is the modern understanding of the term athleticism.

That is successful branding right there, being so steadfast and grounded in what you offer and why it’s relevant that it becomes almost a definition in the dictionary.

Nike’s entire identity revolves around athletic excellence. Even the name Nike is the Greek Goddess of victory. How on-brand is that? Be a victor; wear Nike. Even their slogan is on brand and relevant to their message. Just do it.

Where Should you Start your E-Commerce Brand

Pick a strategy, any strategy. There are three ways to tackle brand development people care about.


Who are they? Why should they care? Start with the target market you’d like to affect. Build your entire brand to be appealing to the relevant demographic.

Develop a product that they will care about and take your marketing wherever they spend most of their time online. Women over 50? Facebook. Teens or young adults into fashion and self-care? Instagram.

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Decide what you are going to sell or offer first. Is it tangible? Or is it your time and expertise? Who is likely to need it? What’s the best platform for your product?

E-Commerce Branding

Build your E-commerce brand around the needs of your product and let the product determine your target market. When it’s time to package your product, look no further than companies like for everything from trendy branded drawstring bags to custom labels.

Sales Channels

Tangible products do best on sites like Etsy, eBay, and Shopify. Digital content is best suited for subscription-based services like Patreon. So, build a brand around the platform. Optimize your brand to perform better on your selected platform than your competitors.

E-Commerce Sales Channels

The Definite Do’s of Branding

I’m leaving out the don’ts because focussing on what you can do is more effective.

  • Focus on your target market’s needs. Become the master of what your people want and what they aren’t getting anywhere else.
  • Be conscious of your competitors. Make it your business to know where they do well and where they could improve. Take a deep dive into their entire marketing strategy and improve on it for your own business.
  • Keep up with consumer feedback. You need good reviews to earn respect and trust. Take what people think you can do better, and implement it where possible.
  • Your brand name needs to be memorable.
  • Take up a business branding course. Learn the best practices and adapt them to your idea.

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Branding doesn’t have to be a headache. Know your target audience and give them all they could need from the type of product or service you offer. It’s that easy. Ready to conquer the world? Now get to it.