Top 10 free online word document to pdf converters

pdf converters

When we talk about converting documents, it’s our official need to convert our documents from word to pdf. The documents become clearer and more visible when we convert them to pdf.

Moreover, we can print from anywhere without making them unclear or we can say that due to pdf files, we can print the document the same as it is.

Many pdf converters help you to convert simple word documents to pdf converters. You can convert it online or you can use apps for doing it.

We will discuss 10 free online word documents to pdf converter which make your official tasks easier and more reliable.

PDF online

PDF online comes first on the list. It is considered one of the best choices for converting word documents to pdf online.

This is a reliable and recommended source of online pdf converter. There are many features in this online pdf converter.

We found out some effects and filters that can make our document more clear. This can also help in making a portable pdf and can be printed from any source.

But everything has cons on them. This cannot be a good choice for processing multiple files at a time. You must choose some other software for converting multiple files.

Small PDF

A small pdf is also one of the best converters we have. It allows you to drag your file and drop them online.

To use this converter, all you need is to drag and drop your files. Bu just drags and dropping, you can make your document file converted into a pdf file.

Moreover, the uploading and downloading of the content are safe using a small pdf. We can say that this converter keeps your documents safer and private. Only you can see your document and third parties cannot be able to read your documents.

There is a drawback to using this converter, it cannot convert many files at a time. You can only convert one file at a time so, if you want to convert multiple files, you can use some other software.


Here comes some unique features about this converter that makes this converter different from others. You can convert your document file into pdf just by using a URL.

The previously discussed tools only convert your documents by drag and dropping the document but this can convert using an URL.

This tool comes along with many features and options that can be enjoyable for the user. We can say that by converting files using this software, the conversion becomes easier and more reliable.

Same as the previous one, your files will be very safe and secure using this software. No third parties can able read your documents.

But there is a drawback to using this converter, you can convert word files with more easiness. There will be some difficulties while converting files that are from different versions.


Online2PDF is a good choice for converting your documents. We can say that using this tool is much easier even for a beginner.

The positive point about this converter is you can use it even if you are a beginner. It is that much simpler to use this converter.

This is available online and all you need is to just browse and drag/drop your documents and click n the convert button, you are all set to go for converting documents to pdf.

But in this converter, there is a limit of 20 files only, you cannot exceed 20 files at a time. This can be a drawback for users that are used to convert more than 20 files. But there are many options if you want to convert more than 20 files.

PDF to word converter

We can title it the simplest converter. It doesn’t have that many features and specifications but we can say that you can easily convert your files without any difficulty. You can easily convert document files to pdf and pdf files to document files. It is that much easy by using this software.

But there is a drawback that you don’t have enough features that can facilitate you some extra. But the facility to convert to pdf files are that much easy and enables you to convert without any difficulty.

You can browse it online and due to fewer features, it is somehow fast and can process and convert your file in less time. But if you want extra features then you must go for this PDF converter due to its fast response time.

Docs. zone

As it is cleared from the name that this converter is fully designed to reliably convert the document files to the pdf converters.

You can easily convert your word documents to pdf files just by drag and dropping. You can browse this pdf converter online and can easily enjoy it while converting your documents.

There is an option of having the documents clearer in this converter. But this converter is not fully free. You have the limits and restrictions using this converter.

When you exceed that limit, you must buy the premium plan that helps you to enjoy the conversion of pdf converters. We assure you that spending on this is worthwhile.

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PDF converter

When we talk about facilities and features, this converter comes along with numerous facilities and features but all you can do is to pay for them.

There are limits in this converter and there are some restrictions when using a free version. You’ll get some words or files limit so, for having more, you must pay for it.

But the cost is not too much that you cannot afford so, you can go for this converter. This can be a better choice for all these converters.

The only drawback is that you must pay for it if you want to fully access the features. These features cannot be unlocked unless you’ll pay for them.

But as it is mentioned above the payment for this converter is not that high that you cannot even afford. The conversion and payment methods are so simple and less so, you must go for this online tool.


If you want speed or you have less time to convert and upload the file then you must go to this tool. This is an online pdf converter.

You can convert pdf file into a Word file or you can convert a word file into pdf. You have all the options while converting the files.

It is one of the most reliable and easiest ways to convert your files online. All you need is to just drag your documents and drop in this application

You are all set to go and enjoy converting your documents for free and quickly. But in this converter, we cannot process images or we can say that images cannot be converted in this tool.

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Convert word to pdf

Easiness always a priority of the user. If we talk about easiness then this tool is the best choice. You can easily upload your documents and convert them. After converting, you can easily download your converted file.

It is that simple and can be used by anyone even if you are a beginner. But when we have an easy tool, we must have some restrictions going for it.

But the restrictions are not that much that you cannot ignore. There must be a word limit in a free session but if you pay for it then it must be the best choice.

You can pay for unlocking the advanced features and to make the word count more. But it is affordable and very easy.

So, it is cleared that this tool is the best choice if you are paying for it and it is worth spending your money on.

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Convert online free

It is cleared from the name that it is free to use. You can easily convert your files for free. It has some amazing features and effects that help to make your document more reliable and easier.

You can convert your word file to pdf file by just dragging and dropping your document. But the major facility is that it is free and can be very useful.

But when we are using this tool, there is a drawback. We can only convert files less than 50mbs. This can be the worst option of this tool but some officials don’t want some heavy files so, they can go for it. But converting using this tool is so easy and if you are a beginner so, you must go for it.

Tool As Pro Tip:

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is a well-known software that allows users to view, create, edit, and print PDF files. It’s user-friendly and operates across desktop, mobile, and web, so users have the flexibility to work from anywhere. This option is ideal, especially if you frequently work with documents.

However, they also offer a range of free online tools, including the ability to convert a Word document to a PDF. The interface is simple to use and works on both Mac and Windows – you just select the file you want to convert, and Adobe automatically does the rest for you.

Both options keep the formatting as intended, meaning that your images, fonts, and alignment will look as you would expect it to.

Wrap up

There is a need of converting your word documents to pdf files because some companies or organizations have the requirement to submit your documents in pdf files.

So, you must use these converters to upload your word files and download the pdf files so, you can easily submit your documents with more ease and with flexibility.

We discussed the top 10 pdf converters, if you are a beginner and don’t about a good pdf converter then you must read this guide and pick one that is suitable according to your needs and requirements.

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