What is the SSAT Flex Test | Updated Guide for 2022

SSAT Flex Test

SSAT Flex test is one of the test formats of SSAT – Secondary School Admission Test. In the post-pandemic world, education and, along with it, exams shifted online. But this sudden shift created a huge divide – the digital divide. Due to which, many students, who couldn’t quickly adapt to the changes, had difficulty in coping with online learning.

So, now when things are getting back to normal gradually, concepts like SSAT flex have popped up to help students. Let’s understand what the SSAT Flex Test is. Starting with the SSAT test.


SSAT test is taken to systematically review a student’s academic progress. It helps them get placed in independent schools in the US, Canada, and some other countries.

These independent schools offer a more flexible curriculum. Automatically, they open up a plethora of opportunities for students and provide them with great exposure. It helps with their career graph, too, in the long run.

So, tests like SSAT have a lot of value, and one shouldn’t have to leave out such opportunities because of the medium of the exam. That is where the concept of the SSAT flex test becomes so essential. The SSAT Flex test has a number of advantages.

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SSAT Flex Test

SSAT Flex exams are beneficial for students who struggle with the online medium. The pandemic has already been difficult for students, and if they miss out on other opportunities, it is kind of unfair.


Moreover, no matter how comfortable they are with the online medium, many students end up facing technical issues. It may be something as small as a device lag, or internet issues.

These are very common issues but might have serious consequences in terms of an exam. Even the possibility of this happening might create a lot of anxiety. That is why sometimes the traditional pen and paper method might be the best way to take an exam.

That’s not it, there are some more advantages attached to the SSAT flex test. So the SSAT prep and exam is something for which students need to take out time from their regular school schedule.

This doesn’t leave them with a lot of time to keep a whole day free for the exam. But the SSAT flex exam gives students that flexibility. They have the freedom to choose the exam date.

SSAT Flex exams are taken in schools and examination centers and are guarded by invigilators rather than proctors. Students can seek the help of these invigilators if they face any issue.

These examination centers are usually schools that open up their space for anyone who has registered for the test. The physical presence of everyone involved with the test-taking process  ensures that the results are true and there is absolutely no scope for any discrepancy.

Also, this test is given in a group. So it creates an ambience of an examination hall. You could gain motivation from other students around you if you are lagging.

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It creates a more suitable environment for the test as compared to individual exams that can get a little disorienting. A group setup also offers a familiar environment for the students as they are more used to giving exams in groups rather than alone in an online setup.

So, you can see that SSAT flex exams can be very convenient for students. Also, if your child has to take admission in a school in the middle of the year, this test can be of great help.

If you are someone who is well-versed with the online medium, that’s fine. The regular SSAT should work well for you. But if you struggle with the online medium and get anxious whenever you have to prepare for a test online, the SSAT flex test should work well for you.

So, take the way that is easy for you and make sure that your main focus is on the exam and not the mode of the exam.