Best Voice Changer | Top 10 Voice Changers for Discord

best voice changer

According to Increditools, the best voice changer for discord is being utilized by a dominant part of internet gamers in a bid to stay mysterious on well-known game streaming stages like Jerk. What’s more, as we are explicitly zeroing in on Friction, these are a pillar of visit applications like Skype and Disagreement.

Likewise, with everything, a disunity voice transformer can be utilized for acceptable or can be abused, contingent upon the individual utilizing it.

Here is the list of most popular voice changers for discord:

  1. Voicemod

Voicemod is an extraordinary tool with a significantly greater rundown of voice filters available to it. You will browse a wide scope of voice impacts that can have a good time and functional employments.

  • The tool is simple and easy to use, works progressively, and is free across all Windows stages.
  • Live voice impact demos
  • Free on Windows

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  1. VoiceMeeter

VoiceMeeter is the best voice changer for discord that provides essentially to cutting-edge clients. We are discussing clients who know some things about mixing audio.

best voice changer

VoiceMeeter is not so easy to use it’s a complex tool. and we just prescribe it to clients who have specialized information relating to sound mixing tools.

  • Simple and quick establishment
  • Backing MME, DX, KS, interfaces

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  1. Morphvox

This is one of the best voice changer for discord mac and the most powerful voice changer application. The tool is likewise fun to use.

best free voice changer app

You can add ambient sound while you are interfacing with your friends on the web, which upgrades your internet gaming experience. You can likewise add various fabulous audio effects to increase the general insight.

  • Browse a variety of excellent sound impacts
  • Dispatch audio effects with speedy keys
  • Super calm foundation dropping

MorphVox is additionally continually developing. Besides its standard highlights, MorphVox as of now likewise offers MP3 perusing, reestablishing documents in a similar organizer.

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  1. Voice changer

Best for adding sound impacts, or ambient sound. A Voice changer is pretty much as essential as a voice changing apparatus gets. It offers you three straightforward choices.

You can either transfer a sound document and change with it, use it using a receiver to mask your voice, or create discourse from the text.

This is the best female voice changer for discord. The voices range from a nonexclusive child, young girl voice to famous film and animation voices.

This can be utilized effectively in your gaming meetings on the web or while you are talking with your companions on the web.

  • Change and camouflage voice on a receiver
  • Check voice impact demo
  • Discourse generator.

5.AV voice changer

Best for voice changing for VoIP tools, pretending games, and talk applications. AV Voice Changer permits you to change each part of your voice and make it unrecognizable to your audience members. You can seem like anything you need, a kid, or a robot and best female voice changer for discard.

  • Voice recorder
  • Voice editor
  1. Super voice editor

Best for voice recording and editing for Android devices. Super Voice changer is a shrewd voice proofreader that records and edits your voice to sound unrecognizable.

super voice changer

And by using this tool how to get a voice changer for discard? You can without much of a stretch make edits to your recorded voice and change it to seem like a child, evil presence, or an acclaimed superhuman character you like

The tool can likewise definitely change your performing voice to make it sound more in-order and musical than it typically would have.

  • Voice recorder
  • Sound manager
  • Sound tuner
  • Voice change for visit applications.
  1. Clownfish

Clownfish is a voice changer for discord PC. Clownfish have a very fundamental UI intended to keep things as straightforward as could be expected.

There’s no expense important to utilize Clownfish and it very well may be utilized on all variants of Windows.  Lamentably, it doesn’t offer a wide scope of help for various accents.

Odds are you may wind up rehashing the same thing on numerous occasions if Clownfish neglects to perceive your discourse.

8.Voxal Voice changer

It is on the list of best voice changer for discord. The interface appears to be shortsighted and simple to utilize, the free form is close to futile.

It restricts how long would you be able to utilize the voice transformer and any remaining alternatives are bolted off until you purchase the paid rendition.

Voxal appears to need similarity with some Steam games. Lastly, the voice transformer may naturally quit working if you attempt and utilize an excessive number of impacts immediately.

As a paid assistance, I’d expect programming that moves along as planned without issues, however that wasn’t the situation.

9. Robovox Voice changer

This is much higher yet there are some extreme protection issues with it. Inside a couple of moments of utilizing the assistance, I began getting designated advertisements. This is most likely one of only a handful few administrations for Chromebook where even the paid form

On the highlights front, there’s nothing remarkable that RoboVox has to bring to the table. Practically the entirety of RoboVox’s highlights is accessible on the other voice transformer for Friction alternatives recorded previously.

To finish everything off, when I endeavored to download the download record, I got a vindictive document cautioning. It is available on Playstore and apps. apple too.

10. Voice changer with effects

An application that is explicitly intended for android clients. As a voice changer, the tool is exceptionally easy to introduce and utilize. You get a choice to mask your voice with a variety of alternatives while likewise adding impacts for unadulterated fun.

The tool permits you to import pre-recorded sound and change it agreeable to you. The tool comes loaded with more than 40 distinctive voice impacts to utilize. The tool can work capability with talk applications on android.


  • Import pre-recorded sound
  • Make discourse from the text
  • Set ringtones and guest tunes


Voice changers are fun devices to have, which strangely, additionally have some value even-minded reason to them. Back-end call focus representatives can utilize these best voice changer or apparatuses to camouflage their voices, help gamers to stay mysterious on streaming stages, and help to do likewise on talk applications like Disagreement and Skype.

Regardless of whether you have no pragmatic need for them, these tools can be an extraordinary method to breathe easily and astonish your companions on the web.