How an instant text summary tool increases productivity?

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Increasing productivity in a limited defined time is a tough piece of work,  if it comes to increasing content productivity, text summary is the best way to achieve the goal.

What is an instant text summary tool? 

For most of us, 24 hours in a day just doesn’t seem like enough time to read what we want, keep up with news, and/or prepare for our assignments.

A text summary tool, QuillBot’s, will add hours to your day by helping you instantly summarize any news articles, blog posts, academic papers, essays, long emails, and more.

Simply paste in or upload the material you want to summarize, and the artificial intelligence (AI) will do the rest by digesting the article and returning your choice of the key sentences or a synthesized paragraph.

You can even download the Chrome summarizer extension to easily synthesize info right when you find it.

What makes a good summary?

According to Indiana University East’s Writing Center, a good summary needs to include all of the key points of the text, while being substantially shorter than the original document, article, or passage.

It should also have the same tone and point of view as the author, so as to represent their work without your own views or bias.

In addition to all of this, a thorough summary must be easily understood by those who have never read the full article or document. In short, it should be “coherent”, as the IUE Writing Center puts it.

The uses of summarizer tools

Using a summary tool can jumpstart your momentum in the writing and research process by helping you find, compare, and contrast sources easily.

Do different sources say important events began on different dates? That’s important to know! A summarizer can help you identify this type of conflicting information quickly and easily, making it so that you can see which sources are of higher quality and should be used in your work and which you might not want to trust.

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Instant text summary increases productivity

When you have a set of great sources with consistent information relevant to your research topic, you can use your bank of summaries to help you find your writing angle faster.

You can also use this kind of tool to help you check your own work by summarizing your entire document or even single paragraphs to make sure you’re sticking to your prompt or research question and that your points are clear.

If the text summary of your work doesn’t reiterate your main points like you thought it would consider editing until it does. Bloggers also use this method to ensure their posts are streamlined, without any rambling or “rabbit hole” tangents.

In addition to the other uses listed above, summarizing tools can be a great help in checking reading comprehension for students practicing writing summaries of their own.

You can compare the summary you wrote yourself for an article or scientific paper/publication to the one QuillBot produces to see if both summaries identify the same key points.

English language learners of all skill levels find these types of tools very important in gauging their ability to read and comprehend text.

Having summarizers available online for free allows them to work at their own pace and see themselves progressing in their understanding of the English language.